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Wireless cellular phone video security solution is here adding a sense of private protection and safety it offers you real-time video monitoring.

Wireless mobile phone video security solution This know-how utilizes the most powerful software applications for distantly monitoring from ANYWHERE in the globe.
This is a solution that will turn any regular mobile phone into a high end surveillance device.
The surveillance system brings video from video source such as USB or IP Camera to your mobile phone. It contains both the client and server application.

You can view your residence, corporation, babysitter, parents, pets, etc.

You can watch online pictures from your webcams on mobile phone using any kind of internet connection from any location in the globe. In case of invasion, a real image helps prevent false siren and cancel police dispatches to avoid the fines.
Enjoy the freedom of watching all your webcams on mobile phone anytime and from everywhere with just the press of a button.

How does cellular surveillance work:

You attach your webcam (USB, IP camera, or Camcoder) to your home computer and setup the software.
The application records video and audio from webcam and sends it, as compressed media stream, to web server.
You login to this Web server from your mobile phone and view your camera.
No particular software for your cell phone is needed.

All about cell video surveillance.

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Watch TV - Online Internet TVGet
4000 Online television channels from your computer.
Not required of a television hardware. 100% legal - no subscription needed.
Watch television stations online anywhere. All you need is
our Internet television software,
your PC, and online connection.
Watching live TV is very convenient and affordable without all the wires and installation charges
it takes for regular cable or satellite TV services to be connected.
With internet TV, all you simply need is a computer and the internet, it's that easy.
Lot of services are available on the Web for free and almost all large broadcasting stations like Fox,
NBC, and ABC have web sites where their shows can be viewed. There is no need to buy cable if you hardly ever
watch TV when everything is available on Internet, even live streaming of last news.
Today, many companies are also using online Ip television and webcams or webcasts to conduct company with employees
in different parts of country and even employees in different parts of the world. Whether you use it for own reasons or company
reason, live television had become an indispensable resource.
Look at the opportunities of Online television. With
Internet TV you are able to watch television on the number of
devices like, your PC monitor, an iPOD, a notebook, or even
with the properly installed connections you can upload movies and entertainments
to home regular TV. With last modern software, DSL
or cable Internet connections and well designed equipments,
you can even watch television on your PDA.

Watch TV on Computer

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